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GMG Harp Forum 2018

Peace-Full Harmonies Chanting Event

GMG Harp Forum and Genco Coaching offering – donation based event

with Tijen Genco, Yogini, Executive, Life and Wellbeing Coach
Monday June 25, 2018 7:00 Pm – 8:30 Pm

“In the beginning there was sound. The sound was with Creation and the sound was Creation.”

In this event, we will gather together to chant to enhance world’s peace. We will use our voices to create loving harmonies for all beings to create an impact of peace. Our voices become a vehicle to carry our prayers of peace to wherever it is needed.

Tijen will also offer guided visualizations during this session of peace to increase the sense of harmony.

Come and join us!

We are calling everyone from every faith. And all musicians are welcome to join us!

Registration at Peace Chant Registration

Donation-based event. Donations will go to Temenos Center.

We are encouraging all white clothing for this evening and Feel Free to Bring Your candles.

Session is facilitated by Tijen Genco, Executive, Life, and Wellbeing Coach

Temenos Retreat Center

1564 Telegraph Road

West Chester PA 19382